Yoga Classes

Yoga at Home
Sunrise Yoga - 55Minutes

This sunrise practice is designed to awaken and refresh you!  We will ease into a gentle flow combining breath and body movement, as we practice quieting and stilling the mind moving into a deeper flow as we practice cultivating both balance and flexibility.  We will close with a resting pose, allowing the benefits of our practice to settle in and prepare us for the day ahead.

Sunset Yoga - 55Minutes

This sunset practice is designed to relax and calm you.  We will practice grounding and restful poses close to the mat, as we combine breath and body movement, winding down from the day's adventures.  We will seal our practice with a resting pose, allowing the benefits of our practice to settle in, preparing us for deep, replenishing sleep.

Restorative Yoga - 75Minutes

This restorative practice is designed to replenish your energy and rejuvenate you.  We will focus on just a few restful poses (remove calmas) with longer holds, as we combine breath and body stillness.  Since this practice will take place mainly on the mat, bring at least two small blankets or towels, as well as a bolster or pillow for greater comfort and a deep, healing restoration.

Chakra Yoga - 55Minutes

This Chakra Yoga practice is designed to open the Chakra centers through yoga flow.  Each week we will devote our practice to opening one of the seven Chakra bodies, the Root Chakra, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart Chakra, Throat, Third Eye, or Crown.  Through this practice we will bring a sense of awareness to that particular area of our bodies, cultivating a greater balance among those seven Chakra centers as they communicate to our central nervous system and relay information to our unconscious mind.

Yogalates - 55Minutes

This practice will include a combination of yoga poses and Pilates movement focusing on the core and spinal mobility.  Participants will gain the understanding of foundational Pilates movement and Yoga philosophy.  This practice will be centered around increasing flexibility and strength of the body and mind.

Move Free Foundations - 55Minutes

This practice will focus on the foundations of a different pose every week.  We will learn the basics of the pose including the anatomy and alignment.  During the second half of the practice we will explore through freedom flow your own expression of the pose and how we can include that expression in our own daily practice.  Make it you own!

Navigating Yoga - 55Minutes

This beginner class will introduce you to both the basic yoga poses and the series of poses practiced in a Vinyasa (flow) class.  Focus will be on posture alignment and breath control with a slower paced journey to find your yoga connection.  There is no perfect pose and everyone can do yoga.  Expand your boundaries while integrating yoga into you life.

Yoga For Balance - 55Minutes

This medium paced class invites balance into your practice by working to promote both strength and flexibility.  Each week class will focus on a new series of flow, inviting inner exploration and good health.  Balance flow will provide the tools needed to de-stress while learning to enhance your yoga practice.  Basic knowledge of Yoga poses recommended.

Yoga Fusion Flow - 55Minutes

Fusion Flow is a more dynamic form of practice influenced by Ashtanga Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga.  The Ashtanga Primary Series/ Hatha flow will include postures, mudras, and breath control all connected to movement.  This mind clearing, energy boosting class will focus on energy locks (bandhas), eye gazing points (drishti) and 5 breath postures.  Basic knowledge of yoga poses recommended.

Trauma Informed Yoga - 55Minutes

A therapeutic application of yoga that is designed to be sensitive to the needs of any trauma survivor. We all go through trauma in our lives, the intention is to create a safe, welcoming, inclusive, and supportive space where students can start reconnecting with themselves and feel safe in their bodies. It emphasizes safety, empowers choice, and shares tools for resiliency and self-regulation.

  • Accessible to everyone

  • Create a calming, less stimulating atmosphere (lights might stay on)

  • Guarantee no hands-on assists (the teacher may stay on their mat)

  • Use languaging, sequencing, and yogic techniques that align & regulate the nervous system

  • Use a tone of compassion and openness instead of rigid instruction, judgment, or pressure

  • Prioritize participant agency and choice in what they do with their body overachieving “correct” alignment

  • Encourages self-awareness, self-inquiry, and curiosity about one’s experience and physical sensations

  • Teaches how to be present with what is, even if it’s unpleasant, over a “just focus on the positive” approach

  • Assume that all students have trauma in their past