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Policies & Procedures:

-No cell phones or electronics.

-We are not responsible for lost items.

-Anything that is brought into the cave is your responsibility.

-No food or drinks are permitted inside of the salt cave.

-Shoes and socks may NOT be worn inside the salt cave.

-For sanitary purposes, disposable socks and hairnets are provided and MUST be worn for the duration of your time in the cave.

-Please wear clean and comfortable clothing. We suggest bringing a warm blanket.

-8 hour cancellation policy.

-Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your session. Lateness for scheduled time will result in time remaining.

-No refunds for unused time.

-Receptionist will check you in for your session.

-Restroom use suggested prior to entering the salt cave.

-Please do not throw salt.

-Respect the salt cave- do not touch any lights, switches, salt pods, candles, thermometers, etc.

-We ask you to not wear any excess perfumes. It can interfere with the therapy and other guest’s allergies.



Most importantly, please be respectful of other guests! And Breathe!

*Our Salt Therapy is not meant as an alternative to medications or medical attention.  If you have any concerns about participating, please consult your doctor.*

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