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Lakshmi (also spelled Laksmi) is found here standing in a lotus full of gold. Lakshmi is the Godess of prosperity,fortune, love, fertility, abundance & beauty. Just like the lotus, she reminds us to transcend material wealth to acheive spiritual growth. The lotus she is seated on also represents purity, fertility & beauty. The gold coins do not only symbolize money, but prosperity on all levels. 


Lakshmi can be found blessing many homes and establishments, bestowing abundace and beauty upon them. A beautiful addition to your home, studio, or altar. 


Dimensions: (Visualization Above)

Length: 5 1/2 In.

Height: 10 In. 


"Let true love find its way to my home;
Let me carry luck with me wherever I roam."

Lakshmi & The Lotus Filled with Gold

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