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Why you should try Restorative Yoga

Do you remember when you were a young child and had nap time at home or school? Do you remember how refreshed you felt afterwards? Picture allowing yourself to do that again. To give yourself an hour (or more) to let go completely of everything going on in your life. To restore your body from walking in heels, sitting in an office chair all day, or just sleeping in weird positions nightly. Restorative yoga can give you just that.

restorative yoga

If walking into a full on flow class is intimidating to you (don't worry- it is to most of us), restorative will offer you a great opportunity to go into the studio knowing that everything will be completely accessible to you. That's because this type of yoga includes long-held stretches/poses that are completely supported with props. For example- during a seated forward fold, you might have a bolster in-between your thighs and your torso, so you can just rest over the props without any muscular engagement. Can't come into the full expression of a pose? Don't worry- your teacher will be quick to put a block where you need some space filled. Even twists are usually done laying down over a bolster so that you really don't need to put in much work to get big results. It really is the perfect introduction to yoga. Not only can you let go and feel completely relaxed, but since there is a lot of spaces in poses, you have the opportunity to meditate and breathe.

Even though there aren't even any standing poses in restorative classes, don't underestimate what it can do for your body. Restorative yoga loosens up the connective tissue in your body and allows muscles to get a deeper stretch, since you are holding poses for longer than usual. You will leave more mobile than before and feeling refreshed- physically and mentally!

We do offer a restorative class at Pocono Manor currently. The class is on Tuesday nights from 6:30-7:45pm with our instructor Emily Gavigan. Check our online schedule to sign up!

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