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What to expect

During a session in our salt cave, you will be sitting on a floor made of hundreds pounds of Himalayan pink salt. Benches are available for use per request. You are welcome to play with the salt as you relax. In addition, salt is diffused into the air for you to inhale. All that is required of you is to sit back and relax, read a book, or meditate. 

Our Salt Therapy is not meant to treat any serious medical ailments.  If you have any concerns about participating, please consult your doctor.

Please wear warm, comfortable clothing and bring a blanket to your Salt Therapy session as the cave is kept at a cooler temperature.


Our salt cave sessions run at the top of each hour and last for 45 minutes.

$35 per session

$25 a session if booked with a massage service

12 Hour Cancellation Policy


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