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Energy Healing

Please know upon booking a service payment is due in full & 20% gratuity is added.

24hr Cancellation for a Single Service

72hr Cancellation for 2 or more Services & Packages

14 day Cancellation for Groups


Reiki is a focused energy healing using light touch or no touch. Our focus is to work with the 7 energy chakras of the body to promote a sense of well being. This occurs when stagnant energy is removed and replaced with a higher positive vibration. 



Crystal Healing

Our crystal healing combines reiki energy work with the healing properties of crystals. These crystals are placed on the 7 energy centers of your body; Helping tune into each corresponding vibration. Charged and balanced crystals will be for you to take with you.



Sound Healing

Our healer creates sounds and vibrations using singing bowls, chimes, and tuning forks. Crystals are placed throughout the Himalayan Salt Cave to amplify your experience. This healing opens up the free flow of energy which is known to reduce stress, improve concentration, lower blood pressure, stimulate life force flow, heighten intuition, and enhance creativity. Sound healing can also help to ease any mental and emotional negativity. Enhance your service by adding a set of chakra crystals BALANCED at your highest vibration. ($25)

$115 Individual. Group 2+ or more, $100 each


Himalayan Salt Cave 

Salt therapy has an endless amount of benefits from boosting your immune system to clearing skin conditions such as eczema. Our one of a kind peaceful space surrounds you with healing crystals and soothing meditation sounds. 

$35 for 45 mins

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