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Please know upon booking a service payment is due in full & 20% gratuity is added.

24hr Cancellation for a Single Service

72hr Cancellation for 2 or more Services & Packages

14 day Cancellation for Groups

All Services include complimentary aromatherapy, warm towels, and massage cream. 

Swedish Massage: $110


light and gentle pressure for relaxation


Signature Massage: $130


rich body butter is used to hydrate dry skin while receiving a relaxing Swedish massage


Deep Tissue Massage: $125


firm to deeper pressure


Pregnancy Massage: $135


a lighter touch while still providing relief from swelling, aches, and pains. Provides overall relaxation for mom and baby.


Warm Stone Massage: $140


Basalt stones are heated to a higher temperature then used during this massage.

Hand and Foot Massage: $125


improves blood circulation, mood, helps to fight depression, helps neuropathy, and muscle strain. Promotes good health and well-being.

Himalayan Salt Stone: $135


stones are used as a tool to encourage detoxing of impurities

Salt Cave Massage: $150


detox and balance your body, while receiving a therapeutic Swedish massage in our Himalayan Salt Cave. The relaxing music and hints of lavender and coconut aromatherapy will have you drifting away.


Hemp Infused Massage: $140


our Swedish massage enhanced with hemp extract organic body butter. CBD works as the endocannabinoid system to promote balance in the body. You will not experience psychoactive effects. Benefits include a feeling of deep relaxation, a decrease in inflammation and reduced tension.


* Deep Tissue Upgrade


*Massage Extension 25 minutes  

$40   Swedish Massage 

$50   Deep Tissue Massage 

*Honey Heel Glaze


*Coconut Scalp Treatment 


*Hemp Infused Body Butter



Ear Candling: $45


The warm suction placed in the inner ear is  believed to help in clearing earwax build-up to  improve hearing, ease vertigo spells and ringing  ears. Candling also relieves sinus congestion &  other common cold symptoms. 

Shiatsu Sinus Face Treatment: $115


Warm eucalyptus and peppermint scented towels  are applied to help break up congestion due to  headaches, sinus problems and colds. Pressure is  applied to sinus and scalp points. 


Ionic Foot Treatment : $70


Purify & Detox your body of heavy stored metals  using a method called electrolysis of water. This  allows the body to self heal. A wonderful foot  massage will complete this treatment.

 Add on Honey Heel Foot Exfoliation $20 


Back Cupping: $40

*Added to any massage except pregnancy or Thai


This ancient healing increases blood  circulation to specific areas of the body to relieve  muscle tension. This technique stimulates the  body’s natural healing process allowing the  therapist to target your individual problem areas  to make for a custom massage experience.

You will experience pink to deep purple round marks on  the areas targeted. This happens due to the increase in  blood to target area. This is NOT bruising. Marks can last  approx. 1-3 weeks. We suggest when booking any cupping  service to keep special occasions in mind and give enough  time for the marks to disappear.

Facial Cupping: $40


Added to any massage or face treatment.  Beneficial for those with wrinkles, frown lines,  scars, congestion, tension headaches, sinus issues,  and vertigo. Cupping is a form of lymphatic  drainage. It helps to bring blood  ow and  nutrients to the skin cells, stimulates skin’s natural  collagen & removes impurities from the skin. We  use softer cups on the face; you will only  experience a slight pinkness to no visible marks  on the skin. 

Abdominal Cupping: $40


Added to any massage service. Abdominal  cupping is very effective for issues such as  bloating, diarrhea, IBS, constipation, acid re ux,  irregular or painful menstruations, scar tissue,  & lymph drainage. Aids in the release of trapped  emotions in the core of your being. We use softer  cups on the abdominal area, you will only  experience a slight pinkness to no visible marks  on the skin. 

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