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Please know upon booking a service payment is due in full & 20% gratuity is added.

24hr Cancellation for a Single Service

72hr Cancellation for 2 or more Services & Packages

14 day Cancellation for Groups

Cord Cutting

Cord cutting is a powerful Spiritual practice that calls upon our Higher Powers Archangel Michael & Archangel Raphael for assistance in recovering and realigning our energy that has been given away over time as we grow, learn and evolve in our life’s journey.

Did you know we are all beings made of energy?

This means that even though we interact with the world through our 5 physical senses, we are also connected on an energetic level. Imagine as if there is a cord in which our energy steadily flows back and forth to one another-this flow over time can create imbalances in our relationships with Self and others. Cord cutting allows us to be more open to understanding others on a deeper level and sets us free.


Heavy energy leftover from the past that no longer serves us in our present day is taking up space & blocking any growth from entering into our life.


Cord Cutting allows you to re-create and reset healthy boundaries in all areas of your life . You want to continually clear the energy to create space for new opportunity and allow this relationship to reach its highest potential.

This ceremony is held in our Himalayan Salt Cave

45 minutes


private ceremony

  • Overly judgmental or critical of others

  • finding comfort in unhealthy habits/addictions

  • obsessive thought about another person/thing

  • ending or beginning a relationship/friendship

  • poor immune system / sickness often

  • job / career changes

  • longer time to heal injury or ailments

  • feelings of depression or unexplained sadness

  • “running on empty”

Curse & Dagger Lifting

The act of calling in our spirit guides to help us in removing any anger, jealousy, negative thoughts, or ill wishes that have been sent our way from others & maybe even ourselves. These could have been sent consciously or unconsciously, turning them into hardened sharp objects causing a disturbance in our everyday life in some way mentally or physically. not only is this lifting used to release the heavy feeling or happenings associated with this negative energy but it allows us to remain open and send forgiveness to whomever sent this energy.

You will be guided to remove these sharp and painful objects , create a sense of wellbeing , balance your energy field & total relief from what you feel was holding you back. leave knowing how to protect yourself from negativity & anger that is sent to keep you from the harmonious journey you deserve.

This ceremony is held in our Himalayan Salt Cave enhanced with crystals, candles & soft music.

45 minutes


private ceremony

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