Special Events


Gebiya Sacred Gong Immersion

July 30th 2021 at 7pm

Join Christopher and Rachel at Body Works in Stroudsburg, PA for a GEBIYA SACRED GONG IMMERSION ..
An evening of wonderful Gong sounds while you journey and travel through your own Inner landscape. A Gong Immersion is ideal for clearing nerve-endings and for re-establishing the healthy relationship between the parasympathetic (ruled by sound) and sympathetic nervous system (ruled by vision). It also enables the brain to become efficient in producing Theta and Delta waves whilst decreasing cortisol levels. Something that infants and children do very well.

Just like the tones it produces, the experience it induces is different every time. There are some periods of crescendos or layers of sound that you will experience deep vibrations cleansing & healing, along with low tones that may be experienced at a cellular level. While the Gongs are played they will immerse your senses in a total body vibration. Nadis (energy pathways) are stimulated and rejuvenated and Chakras are easily accessed and aligned, removing stress from the energy body.

The Gong will offer you a cosmic, vibrational, healing connection between your energy, the energy below (Mother Earth) and the energy above (the Cosmic World). You will experience low vibrations, pulses and the Music of the Spheres, the Sound of the Universe, while you immerse yourself in the groups Union of Vibration. This experience is also great for insomnia, anxiety, depression, overactivity, and more ..
Lay down and be prepared to be taken away in this total body, sound-bath Gong Immersion.

Please Contact Donna at Body Works to reserve your spot at 570-213-8356
$30 per person ..

-Bring a yoga mat, pillow & blanket since we will be laying on the floor for this meditation (or you can choose to sit in a chair) 

-Please arrive 30mins prior to check in