Yoga Classes

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Navigating Yoga - 55Minutes

This beginner class will introduce you to both the basic yoga poses and the series of poses practiced in a Vinyasa (flow) class.  Focus will be on posture alignment and breath control with a slower paced journey to find your yoga connection.  There is no perfect pose and everyone can do yoga.  Expand your boundaries while integrating yoga into you life.

Yoga For Balance - 55Minutes

This medium paced class invites balance into your practice by working to promote both strength and flexibility.  Each week class will focus on a new series of flow, inviting inner exploration and good health.  Balance flow will provide the tools needed to de-stress while learning to enhance your yoga practice.  Basic knowledge of Yoga poses recommended.

Yoga Fusion Flow - 55Minutes

Fusion Flow is a more dynamic form of practice influenced by Ashtanga Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga.  The Ashtanga Primary Series/ Hatha flow will include postures, mudras, and breath control all connected to movement.  This mind clearing, energy boosting class will focus on energy locks (bandhas), eye gazing points (drishti) and 5 breath postures.  Basic knowledge of yoga poses recommended.

Go with the Flow Vinyasa- 55 Minutes

A yoga sequence that flows along synchronously. In this class students will flow together and let the breathe guide you to the next posture as we build strength, endurance and flexibility. Each class is different as we move along to where our breath and energy takes us.  

Chair Yoga - 55 Minutes

This class is a gentle form of yoga done while seated or using a chair for balance. We practice poses like cat/cow, warrior, and sun salutations. This practice is particularly beneficial to elderly or any student with health implications. The movements this class brings helps increase circulation while uplifting the mind, body and spirit. 

Gentle Flow - 55 Minutes

Gentle Flow will take beginners to the next level with a slower paced flow.  This class will also allow for more time with each pose, softening and going deeper into the pose increasing strength and flexibility.  Focus will be on alignment, breath work,  and a balance of both standing and seated poses.