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Jennifer Arevalo Rodriguez

Reiki Master, Peruvian Q'ero Trained Shaman, Ordained Minister

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Jennifer is a Bilingual Clinical Therapist— LCSW, MAEd. A Bicultural Latina with ancestral roots from Guatemala, El Salvador and Egyptian family. As a first generation daughter to immigrant parents she became a social justice advocate. The empowerment of the community means to overcome trauma, which may include early childhood trauma, relational trauma, and attachment woundings.
As a teacher, energy worker, and therapist we work together to build a state of being human, within your body, in peace.
As a Medicine woman, energetic healing modalities such as Reiki (Divine Love healing energy), and indigenous healing learned from the Q’ero Inca Nation are intertwined to ancestral medicine from Mayan and Egyptian Roots, these ancient modalities enhance a client’s Qi, or life force energy, through chakra balancing.
The integration of trauma informed, evidence based practices and indigenous healings, allow for co-creation of an embodied connection in faith and wisdom. This gives way for relationships of joy, effective communication, healthy boundaries weaving together a compassionate and authentic purpose filled life of peace. 

 Follow this link...Scheduling ... for clients who may want further information on what I offer. I offer 15 min free consultations first; so that I am fully able to connect to their energy/needs.

Shamanic Illumination

As a Pampamesayoq, Earth healer; Jennifer is trained under the Peruvian, Q'ero lineage of curanderos (medicine people). Practicing the indigenous medicine of the earth, a shamanic illumination will be a rejuvenation of the connection between your body, mind, and spirit. As you integrate your soul pieces, the medicine woman, will illuminate your chakras to balance the energy within your physical form.

Power Animals

A power animal retrieval is a shamanic method used to connect our unconscious mind, to helping guides, which embody themselves in the form of an animal. Connection to your power animal, will provide protection, connection, support, and understanding of the unconscious and physical world. This will assist in a unified spiritual being in the flesh

15 minutes -
$25 suggested donation

Healing Rituals

Casa Madre, will utilize guided shamanic journey and mediative practices-- in ceremony, to assist you in building your spiritual rituals, tools, and practices for connection, self-empowerment, and also learn to honor your true authentic self.

120 minute Group Ceremonies -
$22 suggested donation

Soul Retrieval

Soul retrieval is integral to trauma healing; as we begin to develop safety in our physical form, we become magnets to our soul parts (internal parts: IFS therapy). These soul pieces (inner child trauma healing) will return to us, when safety is created. An energetic soul retrieval, is a spiritual journey that can take you anywhere from the astral planes of spiritual existence (places that stretch far beyond the cosmos), to beneath the strata of your inner soul, in order to recover the abandoned and forgotten pieces of who you are

60 minutes -
$150 suggested donation

Reiki Healing

The Japanese system of Reiki was created by Master Usui Mikao, a spiritual teacher and energy healer who lived in Japan between 1865 and 1926. Treatment of emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual distress can be restored with the healing modality, of Reiki. During this ancient Japanese technique, the Reiki master channels life force energy onto another person, the recipient. The practitioner can identify where blockages live and how to open them so that Qi, or life force energy, can start to flow through the recipient's body freely.

90 minutes -
$150 suggested donation

Special Events

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More information...

Casa Madre Counseling provides professional and compassionate wholistic counseling services to individuals, couples, and families. Utilizing integrative mental health care, as it is based on the premise that the whole is greater than the parts. Traditional treatment for mental health has focused primarily on “the parts,” with a focus on diagnostic precision and matching of treatment to a diagnosis. In contrast, integrative approaches focus on an individual’s wellness and optimizing both mental and physical health. The premise of "WHOLISTIC" counseling is of the; The whole person viewpoint, which inherently requires a patient-centered approach. A patient-centered approach begins with the approach to assessment and continues through the treatment process. As a Bilingual Clinical Therapist I have worked with populations such as children, adolescents, couples and families. I empower community members to overcome trauma, which may include early childhood trauma, relational trauma, and attachment woundings. I work with clients to build a state of being through wholeness. Clients will learn skills to empower themselves and build a strong self concept. Through this, we unpack trauma and co-create a loving, healthy central nervous system. Through regulating your central nervous system, we are able to build a calm, loving foundation to thrive in all aspects of your human experience.With a healthy self concept, a unified emotional mind, body and soul we are able to exist harmoniously, thus build healthy loving boundaries to exist within the larger community. I use a multi-modal approach within my sessions. Including Emotion Focused Therapy, Mindfulness, Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing (EMDR), DialecticalBehavioral Therapy (DBT), Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TFCBT), Internal Family Systems therapy (IFS), Acceptance Cognitive Therapy (ACT), Systemic Family therapy, Relational-cultural theory (RCT), and Somatic Experiencing I utilize energetic healing modalities such as Reiki (Master Usui Sensei lineage), to increase a client's Qi, or life force energy, through chakra balancing, and integration with trauma informed, evidence based practices. As a full mesa carrier, Medicine woman, of the Inca Q'ero Lineage I utilize our (client and my) connection to Spirit, Creator, Source all that is--to integrate the client's physical, emotional, mental, selves to their spiritual selves. Through indigenous healing modalities, such as but not limited to-- power animal retrievals, despacho ceremonies, energetic clearings, and soul part retrievals. Utilizing the perspective of (self) love, your strengths and life experiences will assist you, to stand in your power and thrive despite the world around you. Empowering your human spirit to communicate your needs, build healthy relationships and create loving boundaries to live authentically in peace and joy. Qualifications: Jennifer Rodriguez LCSW, MAEd, RCSWI, Reiki Master, Peruvian Q'ero Trained Shaman, Ordained Minister Years in Therapeutic Practice: 7 Years LCSW; working remotely servicing Florida clients. Currently accepting new clients for in person services in Pennsylvania School: Columbia University Years of Teaching: 10 Years Holds a New York City Permanent Teaching Licensure in General Education and Special Education School: New York University

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